The campsite’s surrounding area               A great deal to do when the weather is good, but also during less sunny days.  


Camping Woltzdal
Maison 12
L-9974 Maulusmühle
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

Tel.: 00-352 998 938
Fax: 00-352 979 739

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  Things to do when the weather is good
Camping Woltzdal Walking:
  - Various different walking routes have been marked out in the direct vicinity of the campsite.
A total of 125 km!!  Walking maps are available for sale from reception. – We organise a walk in the campsite’s surrounding area once a week during the peak season, led by a guide (participation is free)
Camping Woltzdal Nordic Walking: 
  -Three Nordic Walking routes have been marked out at Clervaux.  A blue route of 4,2 km, a red route of 8,7 km and a black route of 11,6 km.
Camping Woltzdal Walking in Petite Suisse:
  - Soak up this extraordinarily beautiful environment by enjoying a walk in Petite Suisse (Echternach).  You can also purchase walking maps for this area from reception and we would gladly provide you with advice regarding the extensive possibilities.
Camping Woltzdal Cycling:
  - We would take great pleasure in marking out routes with you free of charge.
- We have mountain bikes available for rent.
Camping Woltzdal Canoeing:
  - In Luxembourg on the Sauer at Dillingen.
– On the lake in Weiswampach.
- in Belgium at La Roche
Camping Woltzdal Swimming/surfing/hydrocycling:
  - On the lake in Weiswampach. Just 6 km from the campsite.
- Swimming is also possible in the swimming pools in Clervaux and Troisvierges.
Camping Woltzdal Fishing:
  - In the lake in Weiswampach.
- At the campsite in Reuler (Clervaux).
- In the Our, the river which borders Belgium and Germany.
- In the stream at Moulin d'Asselborn.
- Our reception staff would gladly assist you with advice regarding licences, tariffs and rules.
Camping Woltzdal Town visits:
  - Luxembourg town, which you can visit by train from Maulusmühle. Tickets and times are available from reception.
- You should also take some time out to see Clervaux, Ettelbrück, Wiltz, Diekirch, Vianden and the German Trier, they are all definitely worth a visit.
Camping Woltzdal Amusement Parks:
  - Fairy Tail park Bettembourg
- Eifelpark Gondorf (Germany)
- Bisonpark Bastogne (Belgium)
- Houtopia Houffalize (Belgium)
Camping Woltzdal Geocaching:
  - Various “treasures” have been hidden in the direct vicinity of our campsite for people who would like to participate with GEOCACHING.
There is also plenty to do when the weather isn’t quite so good
Camping Woltzdal Visiting caves:
  - In Belgium: the Han caves or the Hotton caves
Camping Woltzdal Swimming:
  - Tropical swimming pool in Vielsalm (Belgium).
- Cascade at Bitburg (D) swimming and wellness
Camping Woltzdal Visiting castles at:
  - Clervaux.
- Larochette.
- Vianden.
- Bourscheid.
- Burg Reuland (Belgium).
Camping Woltzdal Clervaux:  
  - Museum about the Ardennes Battle.  The Ardennes offensive also affected this region.
- Photographic exhibition entitled The Family of Man, people from all nations, photographed in their daily lives. This exhibition has travelled right around the world and has now taken up a definitive spot in the castle.
- Exhibition of Luxembourg castles miniatures.
- Benedictine Abbey.
Camping Woltzdal Binsfeld and Munshausen:
  - Musée Rural: museum with implements from this region.
Camping Woltzdal War Museums:
  - In Diekirch and Ettelbrück.
- Museum about the Ardennes Battle (Clervaux).
- In Bastogne (Belgium)
Camping Woltzdal Luxembourg city:
  - National museum; minerals, zoology, archaeology, sculptures and paintings.
- Ratskeller; maquette of the fortifications.
- Kazematten; underground fortification systems.
Camping Woltzdal Grevenmacher:
  - Butterfly garden.
- Wine cellars.
- Printing museum.
- Playing cards museum.
Camping Woltzdal Ehnen:
  - Winegrowing museum.
Camping Woltzdal Losheim (G):
  - Krippana, exhibition of nativity scenes.
- Euro technica, the largest digitally controlled model railway in Europe.

Our campsite is open from 1. January till 31. December

The café - restaurant and camping shop are open from
1. April till 31. October








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